I Need To Write Something

I need to write something. I have to get something out, I don’t know what and I don’t know why, I just know that I need to get something out. I am guessing “what,” would be the plot, so I need a story. I am always looking for the story, but what is the story. I need to think what is the story, what do I want to tell and then I draw a blank because I don’t know where to look. I would like to be the story, much like Jack Kerouac was his stories. I’ve been reading his biography for the past couple of days, I hit the 250 page mark, I’m very proud.

I have been trying to think of ways I can start changing the way I see my life. I know I have done some pretty interesting things, seen some places that people dream about, read books others haven’t, and entertained some interesting hobbles that I wouldn’t mind sharing with the world.


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