Pushing 30

In seven days, I am going to be 29 years old and I feel numb about that. I have heard of tales of people who freak out and radically change their lives, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst; which is apparently normal and referred to as the Quarter-Life Crisis.

When I first heard of the “Quarter-Life Crisis,” I really didn’t think anything of it. Mostly because it was my ex-boyfriend who enlightened me of this crisis. I can’t remember what he said verbatim, but he did mention his life evaluation, a nervous breakdown, a period of heavy drinking and the many regrets that he will carry in his heart for the rest of his life.

At the time I thought this was a little extreme of him, but now as I get closer to 30, I suppose it’s not that extreme.


Trust Your Intution

2 high_priestess

The High Priestess, the card of intuition, and all things esoteric. The High Priestess tells me to be patient and to trust the journey that I am on, kind of the perfect card when studying the mystical art of Tarot Cards.

However, when it comes up reversed, I need to be wary of deception and not rely on myself completely. There is a big world out their with a billion people life experiences that can help me along my path, that is going to be tough for me, I have a hard time trusting people; a pitfall of being me.


A Fool Again

0.The Fool

Another journey has begun, and not under the circumstances that I want, but, that’s life right?-Awful, crazy, unfair, money-hungry life. I should be use to it by now and be prepared for the harsh situations of life, but I never am.

I could change that, I want to change that but, I am programmed to think that the only way to change things is by  coming into a sh*tload of money, and using that money to change and improve things. That’s the ideal situation, but the ideal situation is a fantasy, a dream.    I really need to stop dreaming.




I’ve Been Trying To Get My Sh*t Together

    I’ve been trying really hard lately to figure how i can get my sh*t together, and I’ve got nothing. I’ve been reading books about acheiving goals and improving productivity but nothing is screaming, “Hay! I’m the key to fixing your life,” or something along those lines. Perhaps the best thing would be to stop looking in the books for answers and maybe actually look at my life. I bet the answer could be right in front of me and i don’t even realize it, i just need to change my way of thinking.

Writing Time #1

This is the result of 30 minutes of writing. Everything that was liked last night, came from these pages.

This is the result of 30 minutes of writing. Everything that was liked last night, came from these pages.

That is 2 whole written pages, from one end of the book to the other of my writing. Everything that I posted last night stemmed from my 30 minute writing. I know that it was around that long because I wrote while watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, one of my most favorite shows.