Pushing 30

In seven days, I am going to be 29 years old and I feel numb about that. I have heard of tales of people who freak out and radically change their lives, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst; which is apparently normal and referred to as the Quarter-Life Crisis.

When I first heard of the “Quarter-Life Crisis,” I really didn’t think anything of it. Mostly because it was my ex-boyfriend who enlightened me of this crisis. I can’t remember what he said verbatim, but he did mention his life evaluation, a nervous breakdown, a period of heavy drinking and the many regrets that he will carry in his heart for the rest of his life.

At the time I thought this was a little extreme of him, but now as I get closer to 30, I suppose it’s not that extreme.


I Like to Write, But…

I like getting the words out of my brain and turning them into something real, something tangible, something that can be seen.
I just like thinking and then getting it out of my head. I never really know what I am going to write, it all just comes out and then I see if anything makes sense later.
I can’t recall the first time I ever wrote something. I wish I could remember if it was a journal entry, or a story of some sort. I just feel like I was born to write.

There is some part of me that thinks, something great can be done with my words, something big but I have no idea what it is and I’m trying to figure out what it is.
However, every time I look over my work, I think, nothing makes sense and I should just give up and go get some retail job and keep my writing as a private hobby.
I really am my own worst critic.

Donald Trump, America’s Hitler?

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, in the article, Trump Responds to Hitler Comparison, written by David Wright and Gregory Krieg of CNN Politics, we are reminded, there are striking similarities between the notorious Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, and Presidential hopeful, businessman and reality star, Donald Trump. It’s a sobering and unbelievable comparison, but one that must be looked at, as long as Donald Trump, is a serious contender in the Presidential elections.

When asked about these comparisons Donald Trump said he “doesn’t know about the Hitler comparison…but I would certainly look into it, because I don’t want to offend anybody.”

There are two things that really bother me about his “denial.”  First of all, I do not believe for a second, Donald Trump doesn’t want to offend anybody. He has made it quite clear during his campaign, he doesn’t care if he offends anybody. The evidence is on YouTube. Enough, said.

Secondly, I do not believe Donald Trump would have no knowledge being compared to Adolf Hitler, I do believe that he studied Adolf Hitler. Between an Adolf Hitler -Nazi rally film and a Donald Trump rally, the comparisons are quite striking.

Both Hitler and Trumps, rally’s cheers are dripping with jubilant support, as they wave their banners and flags high into the air, while chanting the name of the man, they believe will save them and America. He yells into the microphone his plan for beautifying and fixing their beautiful country. Plans that include discriminatory practices, immigration deportation, and prosecution of high-ranked government officials, and somehow everyone is blind to the absurdities he is saying to their faces. Every time he speaks and smiles, the crowd cheers and worships him. When both men command the crowds to pledge their allegiance, the crowds do so in a thunderous applause, and both men smile smugly to themselves.

A long time ago Donald Trump was an billionaire with too much time on his hands and would occasionally, made us laugh on television, and Hitler was left to the history books as someone who nobody should ever be compared to. Today, Donald Trump is being compared to Hitler, while running for the Oval Office. In the history books, Hitler never achieved his ambitions and the world was lucky he failed. However, what is to be done, if Donald Trump wins the Presidential office?

Here I Am!

Greetings and Salutations all you wonderful people!

The Dudeist Priest is back and I love saying that. I feel so…chill. I do realize it has been a long while since I have posted anything, and yes, that is my fault. However, my blog is called “Random Acts of Blogness,” so I hope nobody expects a strict posting schedule because this blog is random, like me.  I am going to try and post things a little more frequently though.

I’ve had some ideas that seem pretty awesome and plausible, and I’ve been adopting some habits to help me get into a more productive writing flow. In the poetry arena, my haiku’s have adopted a new angle, Post-Its. Post-Its are the perfect shape and size to hold such a complex, and yet tiny poem such as haiku. I just write my haiku on a Post-It’s and share it with the world. It’s been pretty fun so far, and plan on doing as many as my creative muse will allow, and lately I’ve noticed my creative muse has taken a liking to a very simple writing tool that has been around for a long time.

Writing prompts, I’ve never really understood their potential for creating and have always overlooked them .It wasn’t until I was rereading my favorite writing book, Writers Book Of Days and took another look at the writing prompts, all 365 writing prompts. I decided I would give it a shot and tried out the first one, Write About A Sunday Afternoon. I picked up an ole’ fashion yellow pencil and a clean sheet of college-ruled notebook paper and starting writing. Before I knew it, I had writen a few paragraphs and a couple of haiku’s and, had a great sense of accomplishment. I also had enough energy to continue on, and I did. I wrote until my hand hurt and I couldn’t stay awake anymore. I went to bed a happy writer that day.

My last Tarot Card post was about the Emperor, the card of control and discipline. I feel confident in saying that I have taken some active steps in controlling my creative endeavors, but now I have to work on the latter of the two, the most difficult one. The one crucial characteristic of all ambitious and successful creators, discipline.


The “A-Ha” Moment


I always wonder why the “A-Ha!” moment takes so long to come to me. I can ponder and ponder about a problem for so long and no solution presents itself, when I want it.

The solution does come to me, about a million and a half hours later. It comes to me when I am not thinking about the problem anymore, like when I am painting my nails, reading a book, or in the bathroom doing other stuff. The epiphany, or the “A-Ha!” just happens, like a light-bulb turning on.