I Have An Idea 💡 

I have an idea. I create poems inspired by these writing prompts and create a poetry book from it. The selling price, 1 dollar. 

That doesn’t seem to unrealistic, does it?


Officially Pushing 30

It happened, I turned 29 and I don’t feel very different. Last time I was thinking about this I was going to be 29 but now, I actually am. I don’t feel like I have inherited some mythical power or was graced with some ancient wisdom, I just feel a little more…aware. I don’t know if this awareness is a gift of turning a year older from something bigger, or if my brain is just finally maturing as a part of the natural aging process. I don’t know, and I like not knowing, “It keeps me on my toes,” It was Doctor Who that said that by the way, the 10th doctor, my favorite.

I have been doing some leisurely research about the Quarter Life Crisis that I mentioned last time and I don’t really feel like I am going through that. I feel pretty content with how my life is right now. I’ve been married for about two years to a man I have known since I was 21 and we have two kids together a girl and a boy, so in the family and love department I think I am doing okay. I know of some people who freaking out right now because they don’t even have a prospective boyfriend/girlfriend. My only thing is that I don’t have right now is a career or job, so money-wise, I’m not doing so good.

I know I should be very worried about the having a job part, but I’m not. I feel like something is coming, an opportunity and all I have to do right now is worry that I raise my kids to be decent human beings who know the difference between being a bully and being classy. Raising decent humans concerns me more than raising my net worth, and I feel that is not a bad outlook at all.

Pushing 30

In seven days, I am going to be 29 years old and I feel numb about that. I have heard of tales of people who freak out and radically change their lives, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst; which is apparently normal and referred to as the Quarter-Life Crisis.

When I first heard of the “Quarter-Life Crisis,” I really didn’t think anything of it. Mostly because it was my ex-boyfriend who enlightened me of this crisis. I can’t remember what he said verbatim, but he did mention his life evaluation, a nervous breakdown, a period of heavy drinking and the many regrets that he will carry in his heart for the rest of his life.

At the time I thought this was a little extreme of him, but now as I get closer to 30, I suppose it’s not that extreme.

Donald Trump, America’s Hitler?

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, in the article, Trump Responds to Hitler Comparison, written by David Wright and Gregory Krieg of CNN Politics, we are reminded, there are striking similarities between the notorious Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, and Presidential hopeful, businessman and reality star, Donald Trump. It’s a sobering and unbelievable comparison, but one that must be looked at, as long as Donald Trump, is a serious contender in the Presidential elections.

When asked about these comparisons Donald Trump said he “doesn’t know about the Hitler comparison…but I would certainly look into it, because I don’t want to offend anybody.”

There are two things that really bother me about his “denial.”  First of all, I do not believe for a second, Donald Trump doesn’t want to offend anybody. He has made it quite clear during his campaign, he doesn’t care if he offends anybody. The evidence is on YouTube. Enough, said.

Secondly, I do not believe Donald Trump would have no knowledge being compared to Adolf Hitler, I do believe that he studied Adolf Hitler. Between an Adolf Hitler -Nazi rally film and a Donald Trump rally, the comparisons are quite striking.

Both Hitler and Trumps, rally’s cheers are dripping with jubilant support, as they wave their banners and flags high into the air, while chanting the name of the man, they believe will save them and America. He yells into the microphone his plan for beautifying and fixing their beautiful country. Plans that include discriminatory practices, immigration deportation, and prosecution of high-ranked government officials, and somehow everyone is blind to the absurdities he is saying to their faces. Every time he speaks and smiles, the crowd cheers and worships him. When both men command the crowds to pledge their allegiance, the crowds do so in a thunderous applause, and both men smile smugly to themselves.

A long time ago Donald Trump was an billionaire with too much time on his hands and would occasionally, made us laugh on television, and Hitler was left to the history books as someone who nobody should ever be compared to. Today, Donald Trump is being compared to Hitler, while running for the Oval Office. In the history books, Hitler never achieved his ambitions and the world was lucky he failed. However, what is to be done, if Donald Trump wins the Presidential office?

I Am The Door?


Another San Francisco fave, This one is in The City Lights Bookstore, in upper level. When I first saw this piece I really thought I was in  Alice’s Wonderland.  I can’t remember for sure but, I think there was an info plaque next to it, and I unfortunately didn’t snap a pic of it. I am kicking myself (mentally, of course) for taking the pic.

To this day, I am still baffled by it. “I Am The Door” when I read that to myself it almost feels like an affirmation, or a message of sorts. If I am the door, then do I open myself up to the world, to enlighten them. How could I possibly enlighten the world?-This feels like it parallels with my Tarot cards, trust my intuition, right/


The Janis Tree

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The Janis Tree, my favorite tree. This beautiful and wondrous work of nature is located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco just a few steps away from Hippie Hill. It has been said that Janis Joplin used to sit in  that tree and write her songs. I can picture that, I imagine her being barefoot and smoking a couple of joints to help the creative and relaxation process too.

I really need to make another trip up to San Francisco and see that tree again, and revisit The Beat Museum and The City Lights Bookstore, and  The Anarchy Bookstore. I love San Francisco.


I Love Music

I cannot count the number of times where I felt that everything has gone so wrong in my life and nothing in the world could make me feel better.

I like that a song never changes. Time can change around a song, but the song itself, the lyrics, the drum beats, the guitar solos, those never change.

I  can have my entire 24-hour day go to complete crappy chaos, but the second I slip on my headphones, or pop in my earbuds, and I play a 3 or 4 minute song, I am gone. The rest of the world does not exist to me. Its just me and the song.