I Have An Idea 💡 

I have an idea. I create poems inspired by these writing prompts and create a poetry book from it. The selling price, 1 dollar. 

That doesn’t seem to unrealistic, does it?


I Like to Write, But…

I like getting the words out of my brain and turning them into something real, something tangible, something that can be seen.
I just like thinking and then getting it out of my head. I never really know what I am going to write, it all just comes out and then I see if anything makes sense later.
I can’t recall the first time I ever wrote something. I wish I could remember if it was a journal entry, or a story of some sort. I just feel like I was born to write.

There is some part of me that thinks, something great can be done with my words, something big but I have no idea what it is and I’m trying to figure out what it is.
However, every time I look over my work, I think, nothing makes sense and I should just give up and go get some retail job and keep my writing as a private hobby.
I really am my own worst critic.

Here I Am!

Greetings and Salutations all you wonderful people!

The Dudeist Priest is back and I love saying that. I feel so…chill. I do realize it has been a long while since I have posted anything, and yes, that is my fault. However, my blog is called “Random Acts of Blogness,” so I hope nobody expects a strict posting schedule because this blog is random, like me.  I am going to try and post things a little more frequently though.

I’ve had some ideas that seem pretty awesome and plausible, and I’ve been adopting some habits to help me get into a more productive writing flow. In the poetry arena, my haiku’s have adopted a new angle, Post-Its. Post-Its are the perfect shape and size to hold such a complex, and yet tiny poem such as haiku. I just write my haiku on a Post-It’s and share it with the world. It’s been pretty fun so far, and plan on doing as many as my creative muse will allow, and lately I’ve noticed my creative muse has taken a liking to a very simple writing tool that has been around for a long time.

Writing prompts, I’ve never really understood their potential for creating and have always overlooked them .It wasn’t until I was rereading my favorite writing book, Writers Book Of Days and took another look at the writing prompts, all 365 writing prompts. I decided I would give it a shot and tried out the first one, Write About A Sunday Afternoon. I picked up an ole’ fashion yellow pencil and a clean sheet of college-ruled notebook paper and starting writing. Before I knew it, I had writen a few paragraphs and a couple of haiku’s and, had a great sense of accomplishment. I also had enough energy to continue on, and I did. I wrote until my hand hurt and I couldn’t stay awake anymore. I went to bed a happy writer that day.

My last Tarot Card post was about the Emperor, the card of control and discipline. I feel confident in saying that I have taken some active steps in controlling my creative endeavors, but now I have to work on the latter of the two, the most difficult one. The one crucial characteristic of all ambitious and successful creators, discipline.


There Used To Be More



My current collection of books, and I love every one of them. I use to have a heck of a lot more, but I had to commit the great sin of all book lovers- I had to sell some of them. I didn’t want to, but I had to feed my family somehow and at the time that was it.

These current reads are most near and dear to me. Many of them are my Jack Kerouac books and many of My Beat Generation faves. Those will never ever be sold. There are some things that are absolutely sacred, and Kerouac and his gang are just that, sacred.



A Writing Kind Of Night

Notebook Snap


It feels like a writing night, thoughts are bouncing around my brain and my fingers are feeling twitchy. I can type the creative thoughts or I can write it all down.

The choices, the options, the agony…all good clean creative fun. I just have to stick out the 20 minutes of darkness that is required for the kids to into a deep sleep.

If I stick it out, and fight the sleepiness that will definitely come with the darkness, then I would have succeeded and have a writing all-nighter. If not, then I get some required sleep, but miss out on some much needed creative time.

The choices, the options, the agony…all  in the name of good clean creative fun.


Perhaps, Another Cup

my coffee

As of this moment, the time is 10:21 pm, and I am seriously considering making another cup of coffee. My last cup was at 6:30 pm and if I drink another cup right now, I am probably going to be awake all night long.

Staying up all night…that’s not a bad thing. I have been up all night before, last time I did that was when I was binge-watching Jessica Jones the night before Thanksgiving; that was great. Just sitting there for hours, staring at the t.v. screen.

In retrospect, that probably wasn’t the greatest use of my time. I should have used that time for writing. Oh well, you live and learn.