Washing Dishes: Once Resented Now Respected

Washing Dishes: Once Resented Now Respected

I remember viewing dishes as a chore that I would negotiate my way out of when I was a teenager. I remember making deals with my parents to do other chores besides washing dishes, and if that didn’t work then I would con my little brothers into doing them for me. I remember dreading the thought of standing in one spot for a long period of time with a large pile of dirty dishes before me and having to stick my hands in food ridden water and having to scrub each dish clean. I am the oldest of six kids so we went through a lot of dishes and a lot of food, and those dishes were never fun to wash. This went on for a good while, up until I was about 19 and I moved out of my parent’s house. Then when I finally lived on my own and I had my own dishes to clean, just me and my small pile of dirty dishes. It was around that time I actually started to not mind washing dishes; in fact I grew to accept it has a meditative experience.

It’s a weird when you realize that you are beginning to enjoy something that you once despised. When I see dishes now, I see a task that I have absolute confidence in myself for doing. I know that my hands will be cleaned and soothed by the cool, soapy water. Even scrubbing them is fun; I envision myself scrubbing off the faces of those who have wronged me. I trip out sometimes when I’m washing the dishes because I remember so clearly a time where I despised and did everything I could to avoid washing dishes, and now I actually like it. Is this what it means to be an adult?


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